Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my new almost favorite workout

Here's the situation, I needed to run today. I'm on this schedule, blah blah blah. 
Something you should know about me, is when I make a plan or a schedule - it is VERY hard for me to back out. It's like planners guilt or something. 

But you know how it goes, it was raining all day, the kids got up super early, on and on and on. All of a sudden it was 4:30pm, I knew I had to make dinner and I knew I wouldn't run after eating dinner - plus the whole act of wrestling three children into bed usually exhausts me to the point of inability to exercise. Enter wonderful Nonny, my mom, who decides to whisk the kiddos off to the grocery store and out for dinner. Husband is still working, dinner is mostly prepped. 
I seize my chance and run out in the drizzle. 

And I'M BOOKING IT. No ipod, no watch, nothing but me and a few miles. 
I literally kept thinking, "wow - I can't believe I've finally reached this point in running where I don't constantly think about wanting to stop!" What a feeling! And then, I hear a thunder of death resound through all of South Carolina and basically shake the pavement beneath my feet. 
Poop. The sky is about to open up. As I round the corner after my first 1.5 miles and embark on the next, I see my husband pulling out of the driveway - coming to get me because it is obviously too unsafe to run in this kind of end-of-times thunder & lightning. 

So what did I do? 
Make up a hilarious new marriage workout. Indoors. 
Turned on some music and decided I would move, move, move until my body gave out. 
Cardio for a few minutes, weights for a few minutes, yoga pose. Repeat. 
jumping jacks. bicep/hammer curls. pigeon. 
alternating front kicks. shoulder press. half moon. 
When I ran out of ideas, I asked Nick to yell out new moves. 
This was not the wisest idea. His suggestions were always too hard. But when your husband is standing over you, WATCHING YOU, (and then taking pictures of you!?), how can you not complete his suggestions? His last suggestions was 20 complete cycles of the running the stairs at my parents house. Around number 13, I think I yelled, "you're putting the kids to bed!"Around number 15, I croaked, "puh-lease get me some water!"

Not as good or as fun as my semi-successful-seming run, but it was a blast to get drill-sargent-barked-at by my husband. 


  1. Hey Jessi--it's Abby from Seattle/Mars Hill. LOVING the new blog about food and exercise... I have been flirting with being vegan for about a year or two and I wanted to share my FAVORITE vegan cookbook with you--"Clean Food" by Terry Walters. Check it out. Every recipe I have made from it has been so good. Just made the Apple Cobbler last night with apples from Remlinger Farm in Carnation! It was great! Also, it is a seasonal cookbook--separated into what to cook to utilize the foods that are in season. Just wanted to share!

  2. a) That cookbook sounds fabulous, and I'm not even vegan.
    b) This is just hilarious!
    c) I still love your Sox hat. And,
    d) Sometime when it IS safe, you have GOT to run in the rain. I'll make you do it with me if necessary. It is just so AWESOME. It may sound cliche, but it really does feel cleansing. And totally hardcore. Which you are. Duh.

  3. JESSI. first of all, that is passion. second of all, your last sentence is just KINKY. i'm sorry !!!! hahah. thanks for inspiring me. seriously getting pumped about my year-membership to the gym that is within walking distance. will be seized in due time.