Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1% change, volume 1

Hey friends! Hope ya'll are doing well today. 
Here's a new idea. 
In the past few days, I've gotten a few emails/comments on facebook/had a few conversations about questions people might have if they're more on the pizza side of the equation, rather than the quinoa. Which makes complete sense. Two years ago, my family and I ate basically only two fruits, three or four vegetables regularly, and most meats and processed foods. We considered ourselves healthy eaters because we didn't eat fast food twice a week, but I didn't know or care much more about the vast world of nutrition and TASTE that was untapped for me. So, here's a quote from a friend...

I am writing this to reach out to people that are eating healthy and passionately.  As friends, you know me and understand me.  I love reading your food blog but it seems soo foreign to me.  I watch the simple suggestions on The Biggest Loser and think  "well it would be nice if I ate any of those things..."

I am hoping that you might offer blog support to someone that is still stuck in the "pizza phase" of "pizza to quinoa."  I would love to know some basic tricks of the trade, ways to integrate healthy flavors in simple textures, baby steps for those of us that eat from boxes and cans.....

So her email, mixed with other conversations and comments got me thinking.
A few weeks ago, I heard a radio program about healthy living where a doctor was encouraging patients to make a 1% change every day. Don't try and be a yoga-going, coconut-water-drinking, vegan overnight. Who says that is even the healthiest BEST thing for you? Don't go to the grocery store and  in one day decide that you're going to stop buying anything but fruits and vegetables? But for goodness sakes, I'd be sad if this blog or the idea of healthy eating made you look at your cabinets, get overwhelmed and give up. 
So, one percent changes. Those are easy. 
I'm still into making those changes myself. 
And how great would it be if instead of hearing a health expert/doctor/coach from the Biggest Loser lecturing you about, "DON'T EAT THIS!" or "DON'T DO THAT!", you hand a friend/fellow mom/non-expert internet acquaintance to say, "maybe just try this! it's delicious!". I think that sounds muuuuuuch better. 

So you guys keep reading, we'll start brainstorming some 1% changes to post about once a week and we'll keep in mind that while some people are healthy living experts who could whip up a quinoa dish to make us cry (happy, yummy tears), there are plenty of people reading while eating some pizza from a box and needing some basic steps. 

And, are you ready? Here's your first one! 
Go to the store and get some pears. 

A few reasons why. 
1. Anytime you can eat a whole food, non-processed item for a snack - you're doing good. It naturally has things to nourish your body, do good things for your blood sugar, your skin, your hair. On and on and on. 
2. They're in season. Fruits in season are cheaper cost-wise, their flavor is at it's peak (they're the most DELICIOUS), and you know you aren't eating a fruit that was modified or fed weirdo chemicals to make it ripen out of season. PLUS you've put less of a strain on the environment by eating something that hasn't had to come from six countries away since pears are in season right now in the US. 

So, you've bought some pears. Eaten them instead of snickers or chips or wheat thins or beef jerky. Which, you know, were not saying are bad - but you've done something BETTER! And in buying and eating a pear, 
you've made a 1% massive change. 


  1. thank you. thank you. thank you. let the 1% changes begin.

    (although it will be difficult eating pears with out jimmy sprinkles on top...that's what my momma used to do to get me to eat them in the first place. haha...1%! 1 %!)

  2. You should do a 101% change for the quinoa's once a week. You got me in as a reader when you announced you were a vegan. I thought, even if you don't post on vegan food thoughts each day--at least once in a while she is sure to post something that I could really be into. And if not, I wont be upset at all, I'll read your other blog as usual, and continue with other food blogs more in the line of quinoa only, that don't dare mention regular flour. ;) I suppose this is the fun time of figuring out if this is going to be a quinoa blog or a taking people from pizza to quinoa blog, but slowly (like more of a self help, than a I went from a to b and am now blogging about b and maybe even c). ---This is a rambling thought---

  3. 101% change posts will still be on tap! Don't you worry! To use your analogy, I think it will look like "blogging from B, with the occasional dare or jump into C, with a once a week encouragement for those in A".

  4. LOVE this! keep posting and i'll keep reading :)