Friday, July 9, 2010

my new favorite fruit salad.

Mostly, I don't miss dairy. But today, I just wanted some stinking fruit salad. With yogurt.
And not yucky after-tasty soy yogurt.

So I whipped up some goat cheese, almond milk, and a
little honey to make this little concoction.

And then, this little cutey started stealing my grapes.

But seriously, she's so cute I'd just give them to her.

So I poured that stuff on.

And oh my goodness. It was delish.

Eating & working out has been off this week. I guess eating hasn't been bad, but working out has been shotty for the first time since I really started losing weight. Subsequently, I only worked out really hard twice. The heat here isn't helping anyone.
You have to work out at like 4am or you're screwed because you're so sweaty.

Here's what I'm going to try tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I'm going to make a playlist of music for about 40 minutes and I'm going to make up my own little yoga routine for about thirty of it. Then the last ten minutes I'm going to do some dancing, jumping jacks, running place, and did I mention dancing? Then I'm going to go on a short little run and call it a day.
Hmmmm.... we'll see how it goes.

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