Thursday, July 8, 2010

catching up.

Can I keep up a secret-side-food-blog while trying to fundraise for a church plant and move cross country and spend as much time as possible with friends before I move? Can I keep a normal blog up during this time? Can I stay sane? I'm not totally sure. The past few days have been nutty and for now, I'm going to say I'm going to keep trying to secret-food-blog at least in the hopes that I'll stay excited about watching my food/calories/exercise and you know - just for some sanity in these crazy days.

some seaweed chips and yucky vitamin C drink Nick made me drink to make sure I stay healthy since he and the kids have been sick. I LOVE the seaweed.
Great for pre-dinner cooking hunger. Also, only .99 from Trader Joes.

An AMAZING chop salad we had the other night. And 1 of 2 of our ridiculously overloaded produce bowls.

This meal, I promise was the best thing I've ever cooked.
Maple/mustard/flax seed marinated pork and the aforementioned chop salad.

and oh, oatmeal. You do me good.

Up today:
egg in a hole with Ezekiel bread.
playing with Annie - making a good salad.
taco salad for dinner
Biggest Loser weightloss yoga for workout. If I can get Elias to fall asleep.

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