Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some days...

...I just can't get excited about vegetables.

These days are rare; I would guess I feel this way less than 15% of the time. But some days...

Some days I eat peanut butter and jelly for dinner. Some days it's a nice, healthy, PBJ smoothie. But some days it's just the good old classic.

Some days I eat mashed potatoes for lunch. I usually add butter, cheese, and maybe some facon. Or turkey bacon. I don't always feel bad about it.

Some days I cannot count the vegetable servings I've had all day, because I haven't had any. Or I've had too few to really count.

On these days, I usually trust my cravings. I rationalize, "Well, obviously my body needs something and it's telling me through my cravings." Nice try. I don't think my body needed that potato ravioli with the smoked pancetta and apple cream sauce at Anthem the other night. On these days, I give in. And my taste buds enjoy it oh, so much.

Today is one of those days. I'm going to blame it on this endless rain. (Hey, Milli Vanilli said I could.)

What do you eat when your body and your brain want two different things?


  1. I eat what my body wants if it is a time when it is rare. Then sometimes it seems to be less and less rare, and I force my brain to take over and retrain my wants. I do think the body wants things when it has enough of others. I don't LOVE salad as a meal but lately I have craved lettuce, untainted lettuce, I think my body seriously needed some ruffage (too many not raw veggies as of late). At the same time sometimes my body just wants some yummy bread and olive oil/parm/pepper to dip and I go for it, because if I didn't... I couldn't keep it going. Honestly, I go for a lot of things like this and I feel just fine about it, because I know my body also has what it needs. Then it just gets a little extra, it's like whipped cream. You can't get it every time, but once in a blue moon, we do, because it is indulgent and not that terrible in the long run, plus it brings joy. Sad, but it does. I would fail and my body and brain would both hate me eventually if I didn't both listen to brain, and go with body.

  2. cheese. peanut butter. bread. chocolate. and i don't count calories. some days just need to not include hummus and carrot sticks...

  3. Mmmm. Rachel, I know we haven't met, but I think we may be taste bud soul sistas...

  4. Oh Carissa, please tell me you combine them in ways that make most people cringe. If you dip extra sharp cheddar cubes in chocolate fondu or have cheesy peanut butter just might be right. If not, then I hope I didn't make your stomach turn. Alas, these wonders do not currently exsist in my daily diet. Just in my dreams. My sweet n' salty dreams.