Monday, October 4, 2010

I want to hear your thoughts.

I have a lot of food/exercise/wellness posts mulling around in my head. 
But I'm going to hold off. For two reasons: 

#1) I didn't go for my "time away" this weekend to write, which means I have no brain and can't find time after I put my kids to bed to do anything but (possibly) do the dishes and (hopefully) take a shower. Tonight literally my to-do list was: make one phone call, do the dishes, collapse on our air mattress with the laptop and watch the Biggest Loser. Sleep. 

#2) This Marie Claire article has me REELING. 
I want to hear your thoughts on it. Go read it first
Then let's talk.
I come from a place of having very disordered eating in the past. Every unhealthy eating or exercise habit under the sun, I've attempted. And only in the past year or so, I've felt some real healing in my relationship with food and exercise - a sweet balance where I care and love nutrition and the wellness that comes from a body that grows healthier by the day, but an openhandedness when it comes to perfection: since being fit or being ultimately healthy is no longer my idol. A lot of that perspective, I feel like, has been aided by reading food blogs. Healthy food blogs. To see healthy women, eating, living, exercising, and enjoying cookies. 

But now I'm intrigued. 
What do you think? 
Do you read "the big six"?
Do you feel discouraged or encouraged? 
Let's talk. 


  1. I think I am glad Kath Eats is the only one of those 6 that I read. However...

    I think one of those bloggers was right: readers have to make their own choices. If (IF) the bloggers are making poor decisions for themselves, it's unfortunate that they're being reinforced for those choices, but that doesn't negate some of the good things they post. Critical literacy is important; all readers of all media types should approach what they read with some questions of how far they're willing to trust what they're reading. Alternatively, it makes me sad to think of all the women who may read this article, not question it, and proceed to distrust all food blogs.

    That being said, I am really glad that I posted a cookie recipe last week. :)

    Honestly, my head is reeling too now. Can't wait to see the discussion that comes from this.

  2. Cariassa - did you click on any of their blog's to see their reaction to the article? I guess I should have promoted that idea as well. They're a little outraged. LIke, they could tell this was coming all along, they invited her to the Healthy Living Summit to show them what they're REALLY about and there she proceeded to dig through the trash to see what they actually ate for breakfast.

    Either way, right, reeling? Me too.

  3. Totally. I can see being outraged, for sure. But facts are facts (if these are such). If you're writing all about HEALTH and you don't have a healthy balance in your life, I am not sure I want to read their words. I'm not asking for perfection, here, but a little honesty would be nice. Like, "Hey, I'm not perfect, but I'm trying to be healthy. Here's what works for me, how about you? Help a sista out." I mean, if she really posted a pic of the "delicious food," but then didn't eat, for any reason, let's hear it.

  4. I don't read any of "the big six"'s blogs, but I just wanted to say that after reading the marie claire article you linked, your blog doesn't come across at all like how she describes theirs. (and I am even coming from the "pizza side") ... so I just wanted to let you know that Jessi! I am excited for your "baby steps" blogs!

  5. yeah, the marie claire thing is ridiculous. i don't follow any of the big six because I don't need delicious laborious stuff being dangled in my face every day, but i DO occasionally tap into them if i need a recipe. i think they are great and helpful to people, and it's their they are allowed to be a little obsessed with it. there can be an inordinate amount of passion around food sometimes though, especially among commenters. But if it's helping people be healthy, then whatevs. It's clearly not about being skinny for these ladies, MC twisted that up for sure.

    In other news, what's all this VEGAN talk? What about the incredible edible egg!? Don't go full veeg! Isn't it just too complicated for someone who isn't an animal rights activist?