Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kitchen Things

My sweet, sweet boy knows me so well. After 6 years, I should hope so, but ya never know ;)

This was his gift to me for our recent anniversary:
I love it!

Let me tell you, friends, this baby has more uses than I ever thought possible. We had one growing up and we made banana chips and beef jerky. The end.

This weekend, I made fruit leather! 3 apples, one small pumpkin, some lemon juice, honey and agave, then 6 hours at 135 degrees... So good!

I think this is going to be a great tool for me next summer when we do the farm share again. We get so much fresh produce and can't get through it all. Besides, it would be wonderful to have some of that bounty to enjoy when the earth is frozen and less giving. What I love most about this is that I am taking whole foods and processing them myself, so I am in complete control over what goes into them. And honestly, y'all, this fruit leather was just delicious.

But it doesn't end there. There's fruit chips. Dried herbs. Soup mixes. Various dried meats. Craft projects. Dog treats.

Pictures and recipes to follow soon. Along with some holiday gift ides... :)

In other news, my sweet, sweet Mama sent me this little wonder:
It's a whisk-ula!

Seriously, it's a whisk with a rubber, spatula-type edge! It's great for those baking projects where you want to get every last morsel into the pan (or in your mouth). And it's fun to say.



What's your favorite thing in your kitchen?


  1. I know that mug....

    I love my rubber spatula it cleans everything out of the bowl

  2. Mama T! That mug is the love of my life! I took it to school and today one of my students asked where it came from. I told her my best friend's mom gave it to me, which she thought was odd. "Her mom? Not your best friend?" And I said, "Yes, her mom. Because she's my friend too." Love you!

  3. My Juicer! Got it at a yard sale for 10 dollars and it is fantastic. You can throw abything in there and its a great way to get my daughter to eat veggies. Her favorite juice is the purple cow. purple cabbage, red bell pepper, and two red apples. It tatse like apple juice