Monday, September 13, 2010

the building blocks.

I go through phases like it's no ones business.
I can't help it. To say I'm a creature of habit is putting it VERY lightly.
Food is the place in my life where this ABSOLUTELY manifests itself.

For two years, I ate eggs for breakfast and a turkey burger almost every day for lunch.
(I didn't even realize this until some friend started joking about how whenever they'd come over, I'd always offer them a costco turkey burger.)
Then, during the summer of 2009, twice a day I consumed some sort of frozen berry/granola concoction.
Then there was the black bean soup craze of spring 2010. I burped up so much black bean soup during afternoon workouts, I still can't enjoy it.
And Oh gosh, don't get me started on the ice cream during my third pregnancy.
Benjamin is essentially made of ice cream. If you cut him, he bleeds chocolate ice cream.

But always, always - salads have been a massive indicator of my habitually habits.
I use three or four salad building blocks for a few months at a time and then move on.
If you came for a playdate anytime between November and March of this past year, I offered you a spinach salad with dried cranberries, apples, balsamic, and honey.
Amen - Marilee, Lauren, Kim, and Annie?

The months after that, the building blocks changed to tri-colored mini peppers, roast beef, and tomatoes. Asian dressing and honey. Right Janel? Liz?

And now. I'm on a spinach, roma tomato, cucumber, and sesame seed combo.
That I insist on arranging in a semi-floral decor.
After the building blocks, it can go nuts. Eggplant, tofu, avocado. You name it.
Asian dressing, Italian, balsamic, just honey. Whatever you like.
Just as long as you start strong with the tomato, cucumber, & sesame seeds.

Please, please tell me you're as crazy with food habits.
Please. Or at least tell me what you put in your salad so I'll know where to head when I'm ready for some new building blocks:)


  1. Mmmmm, sometimes I dream about your salads and wish you would come over and make me one.

  2. My current building blocks are spring mix (how boring!), frozen corn, tomatoes and avocado. And Lauren got me hooked on that cilantro dressing, but I made my own dijon this weekend that is pretty awesome... :) I know I was in trouble when the kids' salads looked appetizing at lunch last week!