Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the winner, old fashioned style

Are you ready for enough pictures to make your nose bleed?
Are you just CRAZY to know who won the blog-name giveaway?
Is it you!?!

first, I tallied the responses and wrote down some of my favorite reasons.
which I will respond to in the near future.

some were seriously awesome.

here are all your comments, in all their glory.

so I just cut those bad boys up.

threw them in a sweet bowl of my mama's.

and asked for a lovely assistant, my sister caroline.

we may have just gotten back from spin class, and she still looks soooo cute.
oh to be in high school again:)

I got a little annoying and asked her to MAKE SURE SHE WAS MIXING WELL, OK?!

and then she pulled it! What does it say?!

oh, Michelle! Michelle Stratton! one of my favorite future Boston friends!
Let's go to coffee together soon!

To everyone who didn't win - I'm very sorry. I mean, really really sorry.
Thank you for your opinion and stay tuned to see what happens name-wise.
Many more giveaways will occur here. Shoot, maybe even next week.
Much love foodies, keep on eating.


  1. ugh. i meant to enter and i FORGOT. next time.

  2. Goodness, Caroline is beautiful :) I think the last time I saw her she was about 4. SERIOUSLY! AAAAH!

  3. [Definitely not true] love it :)