Tuesday, August 10, 2010

hot yoga.

Exercise is going okay while on vacation. Not awesome, not awful.
I had kind of narrowed down my exercise routine to a three day rotation:
a) jillian's 30 day shred, level 3.
b) day of running.
c) yoga.

I've gotten a few Jillian days in, and running has been surprisingly great (another post for another day), but I'll confess - I've been much less motivated to do yoga without my sunny, beautiful, yellow yoga mat that I had to leave behind because I simply couldn't fit in my bag.

However, I'm slowly getting back on the yoga train and a big goal always helps me out. So here is my new goal for myself: sometime in the proximity of my 26th birthday (one week from today), I want to go to a local bikram (hot yoga) studio an take a 90 minute class.

You might think you love yoga, but do you love it 90 minutes worth?
Hot yoga might sound intriguing, but 105 degrees? Hm. We'll see.
I think I'm committed, but committed enough for this local studio that doesn't allow you to leave early?

I did a little warm-up on my mom's backporch today, in the 94 degree heat with p90x yoga. It was definitely do-able, but there seems to be such a difference in 94 and 105. Oh, and there is DEFINITELY a huge difference between falling by yourself when you can't hold half-moon, and falling in front of a room of strangers.

Only time will tell.

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