Wednesday, August 18, 2010

birthday/sickday smoothie

If on your twenty-sixth birthday, you find yourself in need of a good morning smoothie because you're bummed out about the hole in your face, here is the one I suggest. Well, if you need a pick-me-up for any reason, really - try this baby out. It's similar to the "bit-off-more-than-I-could-chew" smoothie, just without the bulk of oatmeal.

In general, I think food should be an important part of any birthday - but yesterday food was definitely an afterthought. I had another veggie smoothie for lunch because I was on my way to doctor's appt. #1 and I scarfed down some whole foods vegan pizza for dinner after arriving home from doctor's appt. #2. There was also some soy chocolate ice cream and birthday cake in there some way, but the pain pills prevented me from picture taking or really much memory of either.

Nick keeps promising a birthday redo, so on that day,
I'll redo the food with adequate pictures, promise:)

birthday/sickday smoothie
1 banana
1/2 cup almond milk
1 tbsp chia seeds
1.5 tbsp almond butter
2 small pieces of dark chocolate
blend & enjoy
360 calories


  1. sounds fantastic! i must try this...

  2. I'm sorry your birthday included the ER. I hope you are feeling better!

    The smoothie sounds yummy but what are chia seeds? Thanks!