Saturday, August 14, 2010

i bit off more than I could chew

I read this post by a fitness blogger about how to know when you're really a runner.

I kind of freaked out. If she was running 20 miles a week, and still had a hard time considering herself a runner - I was worried I'd never be a real runner.

So, today...

Well, wait, the other day first.

The other day, I went out for my first run since getting to South Carolina and I was amazed! I hadn't ran since my last week in Seattle and at that point, the most I could muster up was right around a mile. On my first day out, I pulled out 1.3 miles - but I really thought I could've done more. I'd made a plan to run to my mom's local grocery store/starbucks, get some water, and walk back. When I got to Starbucks though, I wasn't dying - just a little shocked at myself.

So, what did I do... bit off more than I could chew.

I decided this time, I'd add another 8/10 of a mile to the route and do it in the 95 degree sun, at 2pm, without eating any lunch. That's not really ambitious, it's just sort of stupid. But I kept reminding myself of that article and thinking, "if you can do this - you're a real runner!". Bleh.

I had to stop running at one point and by the time I got to the grocery store, I was a little worried about heat stroke. All I could hear was my pulse throbbing in my ears and my little fingers were pulsating through my skins. I walked casually around the grocery store, wondering how closely I could walk to people without freaking them out. I just wanted to be close to someone in case I passed out.

I dragged my booty home, made a smoothie, and found this article. Which would've been way more helpful a few hours before. It's eight tips for running in the heat and I literally disregared every SINGLE ONE. I ran during peak hours, in hot tight long black running pants (don't ask), without water, without sunscreen (my forehead is wicked burned), no sunglasses or hat, faster than normal (I just wanted it to be OVER), all by myself, and until my heart was jumping out of my ears.

The only consolation was this... the greatest run recovery smoothie ever. I present to you...
The I-bit-off-more-than-I-could-chew-in-running smoothie:
1/2 banana
1/2 cup almond milk
1/4 cup oats
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp honey
two small chunks of organic dark chocolate
1 tbsp chia seeds
...... 325 calories of pure helpfulness.

Go ahead and make that smoothie, even if you
didn't bite off more than you could chew.


  1. 1) This pic of you is lovely. What burn? You look tan and glowy!
    2) I think it's the breaking of rules, then realizing it that makes you a runner.
    3) Can a sista get some fuit or something in that smoothie?!?! And what is AB?

  2. Sorry, I corrected:) almond butter! oh, and there was a half a banana! Definitely not the fruitiest/vegetableist smoothie - but healthy and delicious none the less!

  3. Thanks! Now I have my lunch :)