Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whole Foods Wednesday

When my love of food and quest for health combine, personal food rules are born. I've always thought I was not really a rules person, but I'll tell you what - the older I get, a love a good guideline. And a self-imposed one, woosh - don't even get me started with that. So my personal food rules (ps - does Michael Pollan have copyright of the term? hope not) vary a good deal and are usually based on my personal experience. Some examples...

- dont' eat a banana every day. or two bananas every day. (my digestion loves me for this rule)
- don't buy processed kid snacks (veggie chips, pirate booty, animal crackers) every week. If we buy them every two weeks, we will stretch them out.
- one dinner with meat per week (helps with budgeting and forces me to be creative)

My newest one: Whole Foods Wednesday.
I'm going to start with just Wednesdays and work my way up.
The "rules" of WFW, you ask?
I can process it, but I can't eat it if it's bought processed. Otherwise, I want to buy it as if it just came from the ground or came off an animal. And here were the results.

6amish, I started off the day super hungry with a plum and some coffee.

wfw fail #1: I do realize goat cheese is not a whole food. oh wait, and neither is salsa. I just got carried away. my hunger got the best of me.
9am: 2 eggs, hollowed out avocado w/salsa & goat cheese

noonish: black bean, cucumber, tomato, avocado salad with some apples.

afternoon snack: banana, plum, chopped almonds and honey.

pre-dinner snack: roasted eggplant with balsamic & honey.

dinner: three (or four, or five) sweet potato falafels and some tomato/cucumber salad.

I didn't count calories on this day but I am pretty sure I went over. I also ate a few handful of almonds in there and this morning I feel STUFFED and a little yucky. This post also doesn't include the picture of me taking like fifty "just for taste purposes" bites while making the sweet potato falafel.

hmmmmmm. All together, I liked WFW. I'd like to try a whole foods week soon.
But oh goodness how I miss some rice cakes and almond butter.