Saturday, July 3, 2010

Running part 1, I google everything.

It would just be so nice to be a runner.
Get out of the house to exercise. Great calorie burn. Did I mention get out of the house?

I really want to be a runner, but I've just never been one. In college, I REALLY worked at it and got up to about two and half miles, which felt like a marathon to me. I'm on a quest again. Maybe not to become a every-day-long-distance-runner, but to push myself and see if this is something I can work at, semi-conquer, and add to my list of workouts.

So, I did what any normal person would do who wants to figure something out.
I google it. I simply typed in, "how to become a runner".
Nick had plenty of jokes for me as he looked over my shoulder, but I knew there was some sort of plan or steps I could take out there on the internets.

Sure enough, I found this little schedule. And maaaaany more resources I'm still working my way through.
Week 1: Walk 5 mins, run 1 min, repeat 3 times. 3x in the first week.
Seems easy enough?

I decided to try the 5 minutes of walking, then run for as long as I could because I reallllly hope it was longer than 1 minute. This morning I set out, tired but super hopeful. After my first five minutes of walking, as I began running - my feet heavy and achy from the get-go. I averted my eyes from the watch, and just tried to listen to my body about how long I could make it. Seven minutes later, I slowed down into a fast walk.

5 more minutes of walking, then about 3 minutes of really slow running.
5 more minutes of walking, then about 3 really fast (for me) minutes of running to finish it off.
Then I ran home from our track, about .25mile away.
In all, about fifteen minutes of running and fifteen minutes of walking.

I don't know if running will stick, just like I'm not sure if food/exercise/diet blogging will stick. However, I LOVED it. I loved being out of the house early in the morning. For the last part of my time, I was at the nearby track, with about five other northwesterners jogging it out in the light rain - which felt a little like being back in a gym again. More than that, after I got home and ate breakfast, my metabolism was pumping all day. I still did some moderate yoga during the kid's naptime, but in general - the run started my day off great.

Time will tell.

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  1. This makes me so excited! I'm always pumped to see people running. My theory is this: if you can put one foot in front of the other at a relatively quick pace, you're running! Maybe we can run together some day?