Thursday, September 2, 2010

Me and Joey Tribbiani.

"Sandwiches? I love sandwiches!"

Me too, Joey. Me too.

Here's one of my current favs.

Start with some good, hearty bread. Take your pick. I'm currently using 3-seed and honey from the Artisan collection at Trader Joe's.

Next, apply the newest little bitty in my kitchen; this stuff really makes my skirt fly up.
Guacamole Hummus. You heard me. It's at Trader Joe's, too.
Listen to me, y'all. If you don't live near a Trader Joe's, you need to move.

Next, ham.
Then turkey.
Hey, while you're moving, please find yourself a good deli. That stuff they're hocking over at TJ's does not count. And that's the only TJ's complaint you'll hear outta me.

This little fella is a big fan.
Next, one of my favorite additions to any sandwich: cucumbers.
Put that in a baggie, add some fruit and haul yourself to your first day of student teaching (holla!). Maybe, if you're in a really good mood, you'll make one for your pal Steve-O.


  1. i love the use of the "ree-ism" (skirt fly up). i love turkey and cheese and i could learn to be friends with cucumbers ;-) YAY student teacher, i love you and your fancy lunch.

  2. Haha, I was wondering who would notice my Ree-ness! I really think you would like this sandwich, Ang, honestly. And Jess, one day I will figure out how to freeze all my food so I can just send you weekly snack packages.