Monday, September 6, 2010

cooking with larlar

So, you all know that Lauren? The one who writes for this blog but hasn't in a few weeks?
Yes, that is a guilt trip.

But did you know she's also my daughter's godmother?
Or did you know that we used to live together?
And did you know that when we're in the same city, it just seems right to spend the night together and cook a big breakfast together since we used to do that every day?
Well, here it is, my first installment of "cooking with larlar".

the usual suspects

the special guest - great harvest cinnachip bread

godmothers let kids help even when moms don't.

could she BE any more beautiful? or stylish?

I decided to whip up a frittata with some leftover sweet potatoes for the gluten impaired.

my plate. the little "taste" or larlar's cinnachip french toast was definitely not enough.


sweet lar's.

family time. elias isn't crying, he's doing a spider man impression.

get ready for too many pics of these beauties.

she loves her larlar.

And that concludes our session of cooking with larlar.
Help me guilt trip her into posting her recipe for cinnachip french toast on Friday.


  1. Beautiful? Check yes. To ALL THREE ladies. Seriously, Jess, running and doing you good.

    And I love your mason jars, Lauren! I'm collecting them myself, slowly but surely...

    Can we pwetty pwease have your recipe?!?!

  2. So sad I was not able to partake in this breakfast goodness! It all looks super yummy, so I wouldn't be upset at all if I saw that this recipe was posted sometime soon. Love y'all!

  3. Were you in the Kincaid's house? That kitchen feels familiar!

  4. it was the kincaids! good eye, Kara! we were house sitting for them!