Monday, September 20, 2010

banana splits & the v word.

deliciouso snack of the day. banana splits.

split banana, drizzled in sunflower seed butter, honey, and sprinkled with granola.

I wanted to follow up a little bit about yesterday's blog, and my big declaration.
Not just were the comments fun to read, but I also got some emails and chatted with some people who wanted to talk more about the whole veganism switch so...
Here are a few things I left out/want to respond to.
a) Despite my use of hyperbole, it's not really a big declaration. In general, we're not talking huge life change - more cutting out the occasional egg and not nibbling on pepperoni's while I make pizza for my kids. But this is a food blog, so you kind of have to make big deal about food:). Or at least, I think it's fun to.
b) The problem with using hyperbole for fun is that it makes it seem like food is sooooo important, which don't get me wrong - I mean, I do write a food blog:). But community trumps food, family trumps food, real life wins out every time. I've never told someone who's had me to dinner that I don't eat gluten and if my husband just begs me to eat frozen yogurt with him, well - goodness gracious, I don't want to hurt our marriage. But no matter what happens in my kitchen, food is still a miniscule piece of my life that brings me joy and causes me to worship the Lord who created it - rather than worshipping the food itself.
c) I love what Kara said - "don't think about what you can't have..". That is absolutely my philosophy. I wake up each morning and when it comes time to eat, I think - what is the most delicious, healthiest thing I can eat?! And it usually ends up being some vegan oatmeal. When it comes to lunch, my body genuinely prefers a massive salad or a veggie burger or some roasted carrots with hummus.
d) I love everyone who's worried about my protein intake:) I'm the same way and worry about everyone else's protein intake but never my own. But here's why I don't get too worried. a - I think Americans in general are too hyped up about protein. Self included. b - I eat an insane amount of nut butter:) And also many many other foods that provide lots of protein. Almonds, almond milk, oatmeal, granola, legumes, veggies, etc. But I promise if I start looking sickly, I'll take myself aside and have a serious talk.
e) Faythe, I wish I was there with you while you ate your string cheese and meatballs. I'm a big fan of meat/dairy eaters and I think they should eat them to the glory of God:). I would never pressure or really even encourage someone super close to me, (much less a stranger!) to make food changes like this. That is not my thing. I'll still be making my family burgers sans beans, pies when necessary and needed, as well giving my kiddos string cheese during grocery store meltdowns. This blog is still a celebration of food - not a weight to sit on anyone's shoulder and make them feel bad.

So there are my thoughts. Do you have any more? Let's keep talking.
I like this:)

Maybe tomorrow I'll announce I'm going to eat only beets for the rest of my days just to continue the conversation.


  1. I must try that snack! Well minus the sunflower seed butter cause I can't get it, but I think the all natural peanut butter that I can buy from the nice lady at the market will do just nicely!

    So excited about your decision. I'm cutting meat intake down, but not out. Making the black bean burgers tonight or tomorrow!

  2. i got some quinoa from my mother in law the other day and have never made the stuff before, so i googled it and whadayaknow, i found myself on this blog! and oh! that picture of the banana with all of that stuff on it looks SO good. i just had to say hi and let you know that i am going to continue reading and i'm really hoping i like this quinoa stuff because i so badly want to become healthier. its a work in progress, but i'm getting there.

  3. oh, and have you posted the recipe for those black bean burgers before? i'd love to try them as well :)