Sunday, August 29, 2010

weight loss? oh yeah.

That is kinda what started this whole business.
When I first started pizza to quinoa, it was mainly for accountability and to hopefully be an encouragement to other women trying to walk towards healthy living, while also hopefully losing weight. So here are the stats.

VB#: very big number is the very big number that I weighed after the durst settled after my third baby. This was a really uncomfortable number for me. I have no pictures of me during this period. I wasn't comfortable in my own skin.
down ten: after about ten months of dieting, some clean eating, a LOT of exercise. I was down about ten pounds. This was super discouraging.
- in early May, I decided to make a change. I decided to CRAZY clean up my calories, cut out gluten and dairy (which are both thyroid inhibitors) and I got my thyroid medicine tweeked a little. that led to...
down thirty: the clean eating, calorie watching helped me lose twenty more pounds pretty quickly - in about two months. It didn't feel all that hard. You know what was hard? Dieting and working my face off without losing any weight for the ten months before that. Also, food blogs helped a lot... they made me really excited about healthy food and it was so fun to to read about things I really wanted to read about.
now -
I've been in weirdo transition for about a month.
I've eaten some yucky, awesome, unhealthy, awesome food.
I left my tennis shoes in another town.
I had a random accident that left me unable to workout for a week and a half.
My running got much easier.
I left my tennis shoes in another town again.
And somehow, I've still lost a few more pounds.
But you know what, in this month - my thinking has shifted.
I'm not as obsessed with the weight loss goals, and I'm slowly growing less attentive to what's going on with the scale. Instead - I have new goals that are much more fun to think about.
With eating: my goal is to eat as healthy and deliciously as I possibly can when I wake up in the morning. I still tally my calories just a little to make sure I'm in line - but in general, I just eat what sounds really delicious to me.
With working out: I'm working towards my first 10k, which is a major goal for me. I want to be able to do yoga, run well, and throw in some 30 day shred most days a week without hurting myself. So those are goals I like.
What about you?
Is healthy living only about healthy living for you?
Are you just into healthy food or does it serve another function?
Is weight loss important?
What are your goals? What is your plan?
Let's talk about it.


  1. hmmm, jessi, just to give you my very boring, realistic, view, i think most people just do the best they can. my husband works 50-90 hrs/week, is in paramedic school, i'm on bedrest, but won't be pregnant forever. my very simple "plan" post-baby for me AND my whole family is to:

    -get sweets only from fruit/of course there are a few excpetions maybe 1x/week
    -no prepackaged food/learn more abo whole foods
    -little, wise choices, like skim over whole milk, salad over turkey & cheese, etc
    -plan my meals so i don't eat impulsively
    -join carson's gym asap after baby, but i have a lot of grace for myself with that time period! gotta start small, and i tend to be one of those mothers to forget to eat for hours before my girls are uncomfortable/bored/hungry. i'm working on it, and it's getting better. just. plain.hard.

  2. Jessi - you go girl - that is awesome amount of weight loss and I love your healthy attitude. I have been eating a lot healthier too (with the occasional weekend treats)... and I just fell better about myself and have more energy.

  3. Whoa, we must be soul sisters. I have Grave's disease (thyroid), and I truly believe the obsession with weight loss is because of the unexplainable 25+ pounds I gained in high school.. Myers Park is tough on your esteem! haha... Then, I found out about 2 years ago that I am also allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs, almonds, etc. etc. etc. So, as a result I have completely cut those things out of my diet. I guess I've been forced into the healthy eating lifestyle, although I've always had a pretty healthy diet (thanks Mom). But, sometimes I battle even still with the scale, with my body image, with comparing myself to others. I've been praying alot recently that God would help me with this.. because even though I don't feel like I'm judging others, obviously I am! If I compare myself to others, that's just not right! We all have our set weight, we can all achieve more.. and a number for you is going to be completely different than that number for me! I think that's what I've come to realize recently.. I have a husband who loves me, who actually liked me more when I weighed a little more! IMAGINE THAT! So, from now on, I focus on becoming stronger and stronger.. running faster and longer, and building my body up to be a powerhouse of health! Amen Jessi!

  4. Jess, so proud of your accomplishments so far, and am so excited to hear about your training for the 10k... so fun! One of my main goals currently is to just be more consistent in working out- it's amazing what excuses I come up with to not have to work out each day. I really want it to become something I enjoy, and not something I do just because I have to.

  5. Wow what fantatic progress! You are really inspiring.

    For me, living healthy was in response to two things 1) weight gain in my late twenties that I couldn't shake and 2) my parents both losing their parents to avoidable things like heart disease and heart attacks - they ate butter with everything, fried everything, ate a lot of processed foods because it was easy.

    Now when I eat healthy, which is most of the time, I feel better, sleep better and function better mentally. It was more about the weight at first, but now its about feeling whole and healthy in the Lord. I know my body and my spirit aren't two separete things - one affects they other and they both need to be filled with healthy, daily manna in order for me to be both salt and light.

  6. As I've already told you, you are inspiring me girl! I was on such a roll and then my little break has become 5 months. I think I am going to do a little copying and do my own post of my stats and goals. Hope you don't mind!

    I'm loving this blog, ladies! I'm feeling encouraged and inspired and excited about revving up this healthy eating/exercising/weight loss engine once more. :)