Sunday, August 15, 2010

summer sunday breakfast

y'all this is just so good.

grab a whole wheat bagel, toast it.
spread half an avocado over the bagel.
sprinkle on a little salt,
and squeeze some lime juice over the top.
then just drizzle a few drops of cilantro dressing over that.
scatter a few toasted sliced almonds for crunch,
and you've got yourself a really tasty breakfast.
*cilantro dressing comes from trader joe's. if you like cilantro, buy this immediately.*

this message and breakfast were highly supervised, and ultimately approved by this girl.

happy weekend, all.


  1. That cilantro dressing is amazing. I'm picking up a bottle or two in Charlotte next week. When I want it to taste really fancy, I add in a little goat cheese and honey!

  2. You have inspired me. I am having bagels with guac for lunch this week, thank you!