Sunday, July 18, 2010

4 successes

#1. Cleaning up the calories did the trick. After a week and a half of a small plateau, I watched my calories CLOSELY for one day and lost about two pounds. Which is GREAT except that eating those few of calories was pretty hard. But I think if I do three intentional days in a row, I'll do a fourth of easier healthy eating. So like three days of 1300-1500, on day of 1600-1800 (repeat) will be my new schedule.

#2. Running is going AMAZING. Well, maybe I should slow my roll. I suppose I shouldn't act like I'm busting out 5k's. But I've got about five running days down. Yesterday I did five minutes of walking, ran 1.3 miles, then walked another mile. Two miles, here I come:)

#3. fit club. Our church has an awesome fit club for women, once a month in an outdoor park. It's led by a great trainer who I love & there is a short devotional at the end. The last time I went was August and I was SKEEERED to death. That time I did the "postnatal" version of the fit club and I was still seriously spanked. I remember not being able to walk for a few days. Then, I couldn't go for like ten months because Nick had re:train the exact same weekend as fit club. Well, long story short - today I considered a success. I wasn't scared to go, I did almost puke a little, but it was a good, successful workout in which I didn't feel like the crazy out-of-shape lady getting left behind. AND on top of that - sweet Marisa (who teaches the fit club), gave me a beautiful new yoga mat which makes me a billion times more excited to do a long yoga session tomorrow. It's extra long and bright yellow and I can't wait to sweat all over it.

#4. three words. GOAT - MILK - YOGURT. Trader Joe's has it. Of course. They have everything good in the world. It's RIDICULOUSLY expensive - $5ish. But I figure, if I buy it once every three weeks or so, I can sparingly use it in oatmeal, snacks, and sauces. Amen and amen.

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